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Chef Hip E’s Cocina Loca

Inspired by travel and a passion for different cultures, Chef Hip E's Cocina Loca has a vast menu of culinary delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring homemade dishes straight to your table. Come dine with us today.

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Hours of Operation

Sunday- Noon- 6pm

("sell out Sunday" = You Betta get here.)

Monday- closed

Tues- closed

Wed- Noon- 6pm

Thurs- Noon- 6pm

Fri- Noon- 6pm

Sat- Noon- 6pm

**Some days we stay open later. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for regular updates of the goings on**

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We are here to bring love through our food

Chef Hip E’s Cocina Loca (crazy kitchen) Is our newest adventure. This restaurant has been “baking” for decades and it’s finally ready to  opened up to the public. We have dreamed of this day and this opportunity for so long and are completely honored to be here. We finally get to see the fruits of our own labor. Our cuisine is called Chicano Q. We made up this term because we are born and raised in Colorado where there is a humongous Mexican American population and chef is a Mexican American. Then with our travels we’ve added in Cajun flavors and barbecue and that all adds up to Mexican American Cajun barbecue. Our food is put together in layers. Every layer has a purpose. Whether that purpose be for taste and or texture. Some of these recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and we are absolutely humbled to be able to continue these traditions. Chef has been a chef for his whole life. His love for the kitchen and the food and the whole operation comes out in the dishes. He was born and raised in a restaurant in Littleton Colorado. His grandmother Helen Estrada, was the first Hispanic woman in Littleton, CO to own a business. Chef has had a passion for being in the kitchen since he was a young boy. He was brought up cooking with grandma Helen and Auntie Annie Martinez and Auntie Albine Maestas. The recipes from these women are not recorded they are in chefs heart and soul. We are totally humbled and honored to be able to present this to you and serve you and pay homage to our tribe and we look forward to meeting each and every person that comes through our window. Thank you. 

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 Chef Hip E's



El Chicano

The fan fave

The Chicano is a burrito. This burrito is beef, bean and cheese wrapped up all cozy in a lightly toasted flour tortilla and smothered with pork green chili. Gold

The “Lady” Burrito

Top Seller

This burrito is enough to knock your taste buds off course. In lightly toasted flour tortilla stuffed with beans, deliciously seasoned shredded chicken and cheese smothered with pork green chili. 


Colorado Pork Green Chili

New Addition

This chili is a staple in our family. We slow cook the pork until it just slides off the bone and then keep it simmering in hatch chilies and a mix of other secrets. It reminds you of dinner with your mom. It’s good for the soul❤️

The “Max” Sangwhich

Not your average pork sandwich

So you can get a pulled pork sandwich anywhere. Ours has layers of flavors that will send you into other worlds. We start off with a toasted potato bun, and then in layers from bottom to top are dill pickle chips, homemade coleslaw, smoked pulled pork from right out of our smoker, homemade seasoned frazzled onion straws and drizzled with our homemade barbecue sauce. It’s so good it’ll make you Sang.


The “Drunken” Pork Sangwhich

Top Seller

This is the most unique flavor you will taste all year. We marinate the pork shoulder in beer tequila peppers onions and spices for 24 hours and then we reduce and rehydrate with more beer tequila peppers onions and spices. The sandwich is an absolute explosion of flavor.

The Bangin Beef Taco

New Addition

All of our tacos are served with hand shredded cabbage, a Mexican blend of cheese, fresh salsa and homemade cilantro lime Crema. 


The Chicano Chicken Taco

Customer Favorite

All of our tacos are served with hand shredded cabbage, a Mexican blend of cheese, fresh salsa and homemade cilantro lime Crema. 

The “Drunken”Pork Taco

Top Seller

All of our tacos are served with hand shredded cabbage, a Mexican blend of cheese, fresh salsa and homemade cilantro lime Crema. 

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Our Chef

How It All Began

It all began in the 1960's.  My Grandmother, Helen Estrada, was the first Hispanic woman to open a business in Littleton, Colorado. Our birthplace.

I came along in 1973 and was immediately whisked off to the restaurant for a viewing of the first boy born to my parents, Joe Estrada Jr. and Katherine Estrada.  I knew when I was 8 yrs old that my heart and soul belonged in a kitchen.

Now I have a family of my own and though our family restaurant, Tortilla Flats, has since closed and my dear sweet Grandmother and the Greats Aunts, Annie and Albine, have all passed, I am still carrying on the traditions set by them.

I received my Culinary of Science Degree from the Colorado Institute of Art, December 16, 2011. I have over 30 yrs of experience in all facets of the industry.  This industry is not for the faint of heart. If you are not called into it it can chew you up and spit you out. I am a Lifer.

Peace and Love

Chef Hip E. 

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Chef Hip E's Cocina Loca

10045 Lower River Rd,Burlington, KY 41005, USA

(859) 800-5423

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